Transport fleet

Normal trailer 13.60
Our trailers have a length of 13.6 metres and an interior height of 2.60 metres.

Low-loader "Swan neck"
The so-called “swan neck” is a trailer with a step. The trailer has a length of 13.6 metres. On a length of 10.5 metres the inner height is of 3 metres, on the rest it is of 2.5 metres.


Low-loader "Megatrailer"
This is a lower truck with trailer. The trailer has a length of 13.6 metres and a loading height of 3 metres. Thus there is a bigger loading volume than with normal trailers.


Rigid truck with trailer
Engine + trailer
Loading area 2 x 7.3 metres + swapbody system

All our trucks are fitted with satellite monitoring, can be reached any time and are controlled 24 hours a day. It is possible to determine the exact position and the covered route any time.